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Kia has over 95% accuracy at pinpointing the exact location of the bed bugs. A visual inspection only offers a 30% effectiveness... I know what I'd choose!

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what are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are an oval shaped insect with no wings. Bed bugs usually bite during the night and will bite all over the body. There are currently no known cases of infectious disease transmitted to people by bed bug bites.

how can I find them?

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The best way to know if it is bed bugs that you are dealing with is to have our K9 Division through your home. You can look with a flashlight for signs of bed bugs as seen in our bed bug pictures, however, visual inspections are not as effective as a dog search. We follow this with bed bug removal and bed bug extermination.


what does a bed bug feel and look like?

mailing address. Box 309, Exshaw AB T0L 2C0

Typically bed bug bites are initally painless but can turn into large itchy welts that can take time to go away. There are a great number of people who will have no reaction at all.

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