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Kia has over 95% accuracy at pinpointing the exact location of the bed bugs. A visual inspection only offers a 30% effectiveness... I know what I'd choose!


With our Florida K9 Institute trained dog Kia we are able to offer the best bed bug inspection services in the pest control industry. The first step of our treatment process begins with identifying the pest we are dealing with. We recommend having our bed bug detection canine through your home first to identify problem areas which ensures a more effective treatment and can save you the cost of remediation if bed bugs are not your problem. Also check out our photos of bed bugs and bed bug bites.


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Our holistic environmentally friendly approach to bed bug removal enables you to rest assured that harsh chemicals are not being used in your home. Our food grade products are designed with your family’s health in mind. Our highly trained staff comes bearing the best equipment, and non toxic pest control methods, to treat your home, business or health care facility. With vacuum based steam cleaning equipment rated for commercial applications your home will not only be bed bug free but cleaned as well!Now offering Heat Treatment!

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Bed bug harborage sites are eliminated by our thorough methods of inspection. If we deem this site to be a possible recurrence area we will speak to you about solutions and weekly/monthly inspection methods; depending on your needs to eliminate the potential of bed bug re-infestation. We find that most infestations can be treated in a one day appointment.  However, at your request, we do follow up monthly for 3-6 months, after the bed bug extermination; depending on infestation; to ensure quality control.

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